Nursing Leadership Organizing Committee

Dr. Azizollah Arbabisarjou

Departmental Head
Zahedan University of Medical Sciences

Biography: Azizollah Arbabisarjou obtained master’s in nursing management from ReadMore...

Research Interest: Education, KM, Addiction, High risk behaviors in students, M ReadMore...

Dr.Michael Kaltenbach

University of Pennsylvania

Biography: Michael Kaltenbach is a part-time lecturer at Rutgers University Schoo ReadMore...

Research Interest: sexual behaviors have changed due to the usage of PrEP, as a ReadMore...

Zhou Wentao

National university of Singapore

Biography: Wentao is the programme director for Master of Nursing at ALCNS NUS. S ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nursing

Luigina Mortari

Dean, Professor
University of Verona

Biography: Luigina Mortari is Dean of the Department of Human Sciences of the Uni ReadMore...

Research Interest: Care is today a widespread term, but its meaning is not clea ReadMore...

Jane Haines

Assistant Professor
University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing

Biography: Alice Jane Haines has obtained her BSN from West Virginia Wesleyan Col ReadMore...

Research Interest: Low molecular weight and unfractionated heparin have long b ReadMore...

Jean D. Pawl

Chair, Associate Professor
Augusta University College of Nursing

Biography: Jean D. Pawl is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Biobehavioral ReadMore...

Research Interest: Leading change to create a singular identity between two di ReadMore...

Lori S. Anderson

Associate Dean, Associate Professor
Augusta University College of Nursing

Biography: Lori S. Anderson is an Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Acad ReadMore...

Research Interest: Leading change to create a singular identity between two div ReadMore...

Prof.Dr.Gülten Kaptan

Beykoz University

Biography: Prof.Dr. Gülten Kaptan ;graduated from Istanbul / Maltepe High S ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nursing

Anita Comfort

Registered Nurse, Legal Nurse Consultant
Western Ontario for Integrity Healthcare

Biography: Anita Comfort

Research Interest: Nursing

Aline Neutzling Brum

Assistant Professor
Federal University of Pelotas

Biography: Aline Neutzling Brum is a Brazilian Ph.D scientist, graduated in biolo ReadMore...

Research Interest: An observational, cross-sectional and descriptive study aime ReadMore...

Dr Frank Rasler

Atlanta HealthCare Associates

Biography: Dr.Rasler is an Atlanta emergency physician experienced in behavior mo ReadMore...

Research Interest: Emergency medicine, Illness prevention, Coagulation diseases

Jamesetta A. Halley-Boyce

Seton Hall University
United States

Biography: Dr. Halley-Boyce has been a registered nurse and a seasoned healthcare ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nursing

Benedict B. Benigno

Northside Hospital, Atlanta

Biography: Director, Gynecologic Oncology, Emory University School of medicine 19 ReadMore...

Research Interest: Gynecologic Oncology

Dorothy M. Miller

Chair for Nurse Program
Argosy University

Biography: With over 16 years of experience as a nurse and educator, Dr Miller se ReadMore...

Research Interest: Higher Education Retention of minorities Innovative teachi ReadMore...

Fred Calixtro

Associate Professor at Roseman University of Health Sciences in Henderson
Roseman University of Health Sciences
United States

Biography: Fred Calixtro has completed his Doctor in Nursing Practice from Touro ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nursing and Nursing Education

Joyce Bredesen

Associate Professor of Nursing
Metropolitan State University St. Paul, Minnesota
United States

Biography: Joyce Bredesen, DNP, RN, PHN, is an Associate Professor of Nursing at ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nursing Education

Karen Oehme

Florida State University

Biography: Karen Oehme, J.D. is the director of the Institute for Family Violence ReadMore...

Research Interest: Domestic violence, health care

Michael Frass

Medical University of Vienna

Biography: Michael Frass has completed his M.D. at the age of 24 years from Medic ReadMore...

Research Interest: The use of complementary and alternative medicine has increa ReadMore...

Guang Zeng

Associate Professor
Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi

Biography: Guang Zeng is an Associate Professor of Quantitative Research Methodol ReadMore...

Research Interest: Her research interests include child development and early c ReadMore...

Ronda Hughes

Associate professor
Marquette University

Biography: Dr. Hughes received a B.S. in nursing from Boston University, a M.H.S. ReadMore...

Research Interest: Midnight census is commonly used to determine registered nur ReadMore...

Debra A. Simons

Associate Dean, Associate Professor
The College of New Rochelle

Biography: Debra A. Simons, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE, CHSE, CCM, is an Associate Profess ReadMore...

Research Interest: All students in higher education have to know how to produce ReadMore...

Julie Hall

Executive Director of Forensic Services
Nottinghamshire Healthcare

Biography: Julie Hall is the Executive Director with responsibility for high secu ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nursing & Healthcare

Heather MacDonald

University of New Brunswick

Biography: Dr. MacDonald completed a Master’s degree in Nursing at the Universi ReadMore...

Research Interest: In this grounded theory study 40 English speaking women from ReadMore...

Toby Bressler

Director, Chair
Maimonides Medical Center

Biography: Toby Bressler is the Director of Nursing for Professional Practice at ReadMore...

Research Interest: Description: Mentoring and leadership has been described in ReadMore...

Joan I. J. Wagner

Associate Professor
University of Regina

Biography: Dr. Wagner is an Assistant Professor of Nursing, University of Regina. ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nursing Management Clinical Nursing Advanced Nursing

Debra M. Wolf

Associate Professor, Assistant Director
Chatham University

Biography: Dr. Wolf is an Associate Professor of Nursing and an independent Healt ReadMore...

Research Interest: Healthcare informatics, patient centered care

Kari Ingstad

Nord University

Biography: Kari Ingstad has completed her PhD at the age of 38 years from Norwegi ReadMore...

Research Interest: Extended work shifts of 12 hours or more have become a commo ReadMore...